Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Top Black Hat Hacker In The World

In this world there are many hackers but, in this article we will discuss about Top 5 black hat hackers, who wrote the history. Black hat hacker means illegal hacking. In this article we will discuss about his biography or his crime. I hope that will you really enjoy this.


JEANSON JAMES ANCHETA (born approx  1985) better known as J J ancheta. J J Ancheta born in californial , united states. J J Ancheta is a school dropped out of school reason minor mistake just like his behaviour problem to teacher or other students. He started his hacking at the age of 19. J J Ancheta is a first person who hijacked a large number of hijacked bonets or operating computer. Bonet is a collection of robot which is run automatically. J J Ancheta hacked 5, 00, 000 computer including militory computer.  In 2005 November, he was captured to FBI. After his captured he was serve 5 year in prison.


GARY McKINNON born in Feburary 10, 1966 better known as Solo. GARY McKINNON born in Glasgow, which is situated in scotland. He hacked large number of military computer  of all time. In 2001 to 2002, he hacked 97 nasa computer or US armed force within the period of 24 hours he was delete all records or critical files including log weapon.


ADARIAN LAMO born in 20 Feburary, 1981 better known as The Homeless Hacker. Adarian lamo born in Boston, which is situated in Massachusetts(New England). He have lot of skill to hack any account. He hacked large number of social network, like Microsoft, The New York Times, Yahoo! etc. In 2003, when new york times filled a complained against  lamo, In the month of september lamo surrendered himself against FBI. The Homeless Hacker work for american threat analyst  and donate our time and skills for non profit organisation.


KEVIN MITNICK  born in 6 August, 1963 better known as The Dark Side Hacker. Kevin born in Los Angeles, which is situated in California. He was a computer consultant  before do hacking. He broke into the system motorola and nokia.kevin hacked the punching card ticket machine of los angeles. He traveled anywhere in los angeles. One phone number which is given his friend he hacked Digital Equipment  Corporation (DEC) main software. He was most wanted people at his time. After 1981, he was captured and put in the prison and he spent 5 year in the prison cage. 


JONATHAN JAMES born in 12 December, 1983 better known as c0mrade. Jonathan james born in america. He was first young hacker who self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was full of crazy about to do hacking. His crime is he collect the detail like username of password of the employee and further he stole softwares, which is illegal. At the age of 27, jonathan james commited suicide. 

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In this tutorial you have learn about the 5 famous black hat hackers.If found any mistake or missing in this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And if you like this post don't forget to like my page on Facebook and also follow me on twitter.


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