Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to Increase Facebook Fan Page with Organic Likes?

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Hey Guys, Welcome again in Mad About Computer world.

Few days ago, I received many messages on Instagram, twitter or Facebook, Sir please help me how can I create a good platform on Facebook fan page.

If you want to increase Facebook Fan Page Likes, comments, reaches and engagement and many more which are good for your business, then this tutorial is for you.

If you are cheap like me, I will tell you how you could create a good platform on Facebook fan page to increase your business without pay any money.

If you are cheap like me, then you have to take patience!!

If you don’t have patience then you can buy reaches and likes but these likes and reaches is not good for your Facebook business page because after that you can’t get engagement on your post.

I heard many people say, “Facebook is good for marketing, but now it is dead”. Even I also thought so…...

After I watch a Facebook marketer video changed my mind. That video is related to organic likes or Facebook good platform business. After that I decided to make a tutorial to help others who think Facebook Marketing is dead.

I use Facebook fan page to increase my business, also increase website organic traffic with the help of Facebook page.

How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page?

Here are some instructions for you, which helps to increase your facebook fan page. There are four simple step, you have to follow.

1 Attractive Facebook Page Name:-  Please choose a unique or interesting name for your Facebook page. If your Facebook page name is not catchy or unique, then no one take interest on your page.

2 Attractive Profile and Cover Picture:- Please make an attractive profile or cover picture related your topic. Better profile picture or cover picture make good impression on visitor’s who visit on your Facebook page at first time.

3 Interesting Posts:-  Many people does not Like Facebook pages because their posts are uninteresting. If you really want a unique visitor or audience on your page, then you have to post interesting posts.

4 Share latest Update:- To attract many people or audience you have to share latest posts on your Facebook page, people want to know latest news related your topics. Share something latest post. It helpful for increasing audience or visitors on your Facebook fan page.

5 Change Point of View:- This is an important or strong point to increase page like or organic reaches. You have to change your point of you. You have to think like an audience, what would our visitor like to see or what he want from us? If you think like an audience then you can easily increase your Facebook fan page like. Believed me friends, it is very important for your Facebook page, it is very helpful for your Facebook page.

6 Share post related quote or facts:- On your Facebook page, you must have to share goods or naughty quotes related to your topics. But you also have to notice that which type of quotes, people take interest. You should also share some facts related this post. Facts or quotes is best way to increase post reaches or engagement on your Facebook page.  

7 Share Image with Question:-  Questions is the best way to increase engagement. If you share your post related simple question and answer then people share your answer through the comment or message. It create a positive impression on your Facebook page.

8 Add Facebook Plugin’s on websites:-  Facebook page plugin also a good way to increase Facebook likes. If you do blogging on your website then you must have to use Facebook plugin’s because if visitor love your blog then he definitely want to join your Facebook fan page.

According to me these 8 steps help you to increase Facebook pages likes, comments, engagement. It is the simple or effective way to increase like on Facebook likes. If you like this article then what are you for..?

Just follow the step and increase your Facebook page and don’t be clever to use some tricks increasing tools because it increase your like but you can’t get engagement on your post. If you really want organic followers then you have do hard work on his page. Organic followers increase your engagement or reaches.

Please share to other who don’t know how to increase Facebook fan page and he want to learn about this topic. And if you found any mistake then let me know through your comment.
Have a good day!!

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