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Moving on to the Html Series, today we are going to talk about Html Heading. HTML Heading is the Html tag that is usually used in the Html documents. So without wasting time, Let’s Begin

HTML Heading

Heading tags generally used to show title or subtitle of your Html Pages. 

This line (heading) appears above the paragraph of the webpage so that people can understand what this paragraph wants to tell us about.

Syntax of the heading tags are:-

<h1> ………….. </h1>
<h2> ………….. </h2>
<h3> ………….. </h3>
<h4> ………….. </h4>
<h5> ………….. </h5>
<h6> ………….. </h6>

<h1> heading tag defines the largest heading and <h6> define the smallest heading. 

Note: - You can only use tags from h1 to h6.

Aligning HTML Headings

You can also align the HTML Heading by yourself. You have to just put style on your heading. To align headings we need to use the text-align CSS property with value LEFT, RIGHT OR CENTER. By Default, your heading show on the left of your browser and if you want it somewhere else use the style shown on the example below

Example: -

<h1 style= "text-align: Right"> Example of Heading aligned Right. </h1>
<h2 style= "text-align: Center"> Example of Heading aligned Center. </h2>
<h3 style= "text-align: Left"> Example of Heading aligned Left </h3>


Heading Color

You can also change your heading color by putting color property of CSS on your Heading Tag. To change the color of the heading use the style is shown in the example below.


<h1 style= "color: red"> Example of Heading With Red Color. </h1>

<h2 style= "color: blue"> Example of Heading With Blue Color. </h2>

<h3 style= "color: purple"> Example of Heading with Purple Color. </h3>


So, in this article, you have learned about the Html heading and its types. We have also used some CSS styles used on the heading tag. I hope you understand what I wanted to explain. If there are any quarries related to this article comment below or message me on my Instagram or Facebook or any other social media. I will try to explain it to you again. Hit the share button if you like the content. See you in the next article.

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