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Today we will discuss about control unit in computer. Control unit is a one of the most important component in computer. You can also call a memory of computer. It read and interpreted instruction or detailed in the program one by one. It is decodes each instruction or detailed and turns it into a series of control signals that control all part of that our operating system. Control system in advanced operating system may change the order of some instruction so as to improve performance. A key component is common to all central processing unit is the program counter, a special memory cell that keep track which location in memory the next detailed is to be read form.

Function of control unit is:-
Control unit never store or process data.
Control unit coordinate or manage all the unit of the operating system.
Increment the program counter so its point to the next instruction.
Control unit provide the necessary data to an ALU.
If the instruction required an ALU or specialized hardware to complete, instructed the
        hardware to perform the requested the requested operation.
Control unit decode the numerical code for the detailed into a set of command signal of
         each of the other system.

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