Basic Excel Formulas

In this tutorial I will teach you some basic excel formulas which is help to prepare your data and also save your time. Why we use or learn excel. Microsoft Excel is an easy way to create your data and it save your time. In Excel, you can use more than two hundred formulas which are very helpful to prepare data. In this tutorial, I will teach you five basic excels formula which is ever used. These Formulas you should definitely know. I hope will you really enjoy this.
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SUM FORMULA:-   Sum formula is a most used formula in excel. When you work on excel spreadsheet, you must have to use this formula in excel. Sum formula allows adding two or more cells. For example you have to add 4 + 5 in excel, then you have to write in excel cell =4+5 then press enter and excel displayed 9 as answer.
SUBTRACT FORMULA:-   Subtract formula is a most used formula in excel. Subtract formula allows subtracting two or more cells. For example you have to add 20 - 5 in excel, then you have to write in excel cell =20-5 then press enter and excel displayed 15 as answer.
LEN FORMULA:-  when we have to count the words including space in a cell, then we will use this formula. Suppose you have write MAHESH MISHRA in a cell and put the Len formula in next cell =Len(cell no) and enter, excel displayed 13.
DATE OR TIME FORMULA:-  when we want to displayed  time or date on spreadsheet. We have to use date or time formula in excel. it is one of the most important formula in excel. See below image to better description about this formula.
COUNT OR COUNTA FORMULA:-  when you want to count the numerical cells then we have to use count formula. Note count formula always count the numerical cells, it never count alphabetical or blank cells.
When you want to count the whole cell data, do not matter cells are alphabetically, numerical or special character then we have to use counta formula? Note counta formula never count blank cells.
Data Consolidate by Using Category, and Using Position, Sumif or Average formula, Conditional formatting.
In this tutorial you have learned about some basic excel formulas. If you have any doubt related this post please let me know through your comment and if you like my post doesn’t forget to share Facebook or Twitter.


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