Why we need Entrepreneurship? Full and Final Explanation

In the previous tutorial, we had discussed the modern concept of the Entrepreneur or Function of an entrepreneur but now in this tutorial, I will going to describe the need of an entrepreneur.
The common question generally people ask…..

Why we need entrepreneurs? Why there is a need for entrepreneurship? And many question people generally ask. According to me, in this tutorial, you will find all solution to your quarries.
Let’s start…

As we know, the idea of entrepreneurship is quite old, but with modern development, it has been given scientific and economic concepts.

In the age of competition, people struggle hard to earn their livelihood. All people cannot depend on employment. One has to struggle hard to earn his livelihood. We should have to create self-employment.

In fact, entrepreneurship is another name for self-employment. To prevailing employment and economic conditions have established that there is an urgent need for entrepreneurship.

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There are some reasons where we need entrepreneurship. The reasons are…

Self-Development:- An entrepreneur is always learn something new in his business. He always is active in his business. He always is punctual in his working time.  An entrepreneur is always independent in taking his decision. He is always independent of taking market risk. He has to opportunities to assist others. He has opportunities to create new things. He has always focused to get profit in his business. It helps the overall development of an individual.

National Development- Simply as we know that everyone plays an important role in your family as well as his country. Like that, an entrepreneur plays an important role in your family or country. An Entrepreneur creates employment and thus it solves the country unemployment problem.

An entrepreneur helps our country to increase production. It also helps to paid regular taxes to develop our country. It also helps in mobilizing the local resources. It provides a helping hand to big national industries and big businesses.

Employment Issue:- As we know that the world population increases day by day. And employment opportunities becoming tighter. I mean that it is not easy to find good jobs in the market. Increasing the population is a major way to find a job.

More population mean a shortage of employment, raw materials, shortage of power supply, and other things. Even in India, engineers and technicians are not getting jobs. This has created a serious employment situation in the country.

The time has come when many talented people like engineers, technicians, and others should not run after jobs in the public and private undertaking. Instead, they should get self-employment by becoming a small entrepreneur. This will not only evaporate, unemployment but it will also boost up the economy of the country. If follow, therefore, that to tide over the present employment and economic conditions of the country, there is a need for entrepreneurship.

Hope you understood what I am trying to make you understand. If you have any quarries related to this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share other computer lovers or business lovers.

Thank you and Having a good day!!!

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