How to Increase Your Computer Speed?

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It's been years since you bought your computer, and now your computer has slowed down compared to the earlier speed. So believe me, today's post is only for you or for those people like you who are going through this problem.

Today we are going to learn some computer tricks that may help you to make your computer speed much faster than since before. If there is internet available on your computer and you have been using the internet for a long time. Then this trick definitely works on your computer so without wasting time. Let's start

Clearing the Window %Temp% Folders

Step 1:- Open the Run window or Press (WINDOW  + R) to open.

Step 2:- Type (%temp%) in the run window.

Step 3:- Click on the Ok button.

Step 4:- Press CTRL + A to select all the files or folder.

Step 5:- then Press the delete button or (Shift + Delete + Enter) to delete all the selected files.

Note: - Not all the files or folders may delete because some files or folders are used to do some works on your computer.

Delete (Prefetch) or Temp Files from Computer

Steps to delete prefetch or Temp files from the Computer.

Step 1:- Press (WINDOW + R) to open the run window
Step 2:- Type (prefetch) or (Temp) on run window
Step 3:- Click on the OK button
Step 4:- Select all the files using CTRL + A
Step 5:- Then press the delete button or (Shift + Del + Enter) to delete permanently.

(Both Command has the same procedure so don’t be confused among them)

So friends these are the small tricks that may help you to make your computer speed fast. If you like the trick so please share it with your friends, relatives, etc. If you have any quarries on this article so let me know with your comments or DM me on my social media. I hope you liked the article we will back again with a new article.

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