Q/A What Qualities have to be a good Entrepreneur? Most Demanding Question….

Hello guys I am back with another tutorial on my favorite topic is Entrepreneurship. In Some Previous Posts, I describe all about Entrepreneurship. I described the definition of Entrepreneurship, why it is important for us, the Modern concept of entrepreneurship, need of entrepreneurship and etc. etc…..

Now another question comes to my mind is what qualities have to be a good Entrepreneur? It seems a very easy question, but really it is.

Of course yes it is very easy to question. Let’s start…. The following are the important qualities of a good entrepreneur:-

1. Behavior:-  As an entrepreneur, I think human behavior is very important… An Entrepreneur should be positive and friendly behavior towards is colleagues and small workers. He should create a feeling of brotherhood in the organization. He should be polite and listen sympathetically to the difficulties and requirements of the workers.

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2. Organizing Ability:- Be an entrepreneur, you should have the ability to organize the undertaking properly. You should have the capability of solving the problems of his organization. You should coordinate the various factors of production.

3. Sincerity:- Sincerity is very important for all guys the same as an entrepreneur should be sincere to his responsibilities and duties. He should work seriously and honestly to achieve their goals.

4. Initiative:- A person who is in business should have an initiative and he should alert to catch opportunities.

5. An Entrepreneur should be energetic in his filed:- As the head of his company or business, an entrepreneur should be energetic and physically strong. He has generally worked for hours in his organization. He should, therefore, be prepared to work under all circumstances.

6. Decision: - An Entrepreneur should be active in the market and he needs to take quick decisions. He needs to quick and careful in making the decision.

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7. Capital; - As we know that In business money is the primary thing. In business, an entrepreneur needs more capital for the successful running of an organization. In simple, an entrepreneur should arrange enough money or capital to fulfill his needs.

8. Quality Products: - An entrepreneur should produce products of high quality. And he needs to maintain his qualities for lifetime running a business. His product should be recognized and valued in the market. He should make efforts to improve and maintain the quality.

9. Courage: - An entrepreneur must have the courage to face the problem in all situations. He must have confidence and faith in himself. He should be prepared to bear all the risks and uncertainties in his enterprise.

10. Intelligent: - An entrepreneur should be intelligent and he should read his market and also be focused on opponent activity after that he needs to take an intelligent decision.

11. Saving Habit: - An entrepreneur must have the saving habit and should maintain money reserves. This helps him in facing lean days in business and provides scope for future expansion.

Comment below, if you have any doubts related to this tutorial and you have suggestions related to this tutorial. And if you like this tutorial then don’t forget to share others who is in interested in entrepreneurship.
Have a good day!!!

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