How to crack excel password?

Today tutorial goes for those people who interested in Microsoft excel.  I will teach you how to crack excel password.  Sometime you put a password in your excel file and after you forget your password.  In that case you need to a simple method to resolve your problem.  This is a very simple method. I hope that you like my method.


Select your file which you want to crack excel password. Please enable to file name extension. Then right click on file and rename his extension (xlsx to rar).

Step 2

Now your excel file change into WinRAR file. Open your WinRAR file and go to XL folder and open it, then open worksheets folder and go sheet no 1 and extract the sheet. And the extract file open in notepad.See below image.

Step 3

When you open your file in notepad the press ctrl+f (Find) and type password, and delete your password(Note it is not your real password but delete it), then save your notepad file.

Step 4

And copy the file and drop your file in WinRAR file. Then close your WinRAR file and change again WinRAR file extension (rar to xlsx).

Step 5

Open your excel sheet and go to review tab and unprotect your sheet. And enjoy your file is unprotected. Through the video you can better understand to given all description about this tutorial.

In this tutorial you have learned about how to crack excel password. If you found any mistake or missing in this tutorial then let know through your comment.  And if you like this tutorial doesn’t forget to like my Facebook page.


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