Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Introduction to MS Excel

In this tutorial you will learn about introduction to MS excel.

MS Excel is application software. It is used for calculation and data analysis such as pivot table, analysis, goal seek & scenarios, that all made excel a powerful & useful tool. You can also insert graphs or charts and perform complex calculations. Data is stored in rows and columns format. By default excel workbook contain 3 sheets.

Various components of excel spreadsheet are illustrated below.

Title Bar :-  Its display the name of the excel spreadsheet. By default spreadsheet name is Document1 or Book1.

Menu Bar :- It is a primary function of any application. Menu Bar is a thin rectangle, which is typically located at the top of the screen and below the title bar, containing drop down menu.

Button Bar :- It is a set of multiple buttons joined into a separate control. In Button Bar every Button has a text label or icon or both.

Formula Bar :- When we use any formula in an excel spreadsheet then it is displayed in the formula bar. 

Sheet tab :-  When we open excel, we always see that excel automatically selects sheet 1 for us. If we want, we can rename, delete, move and change colour of the sheet by right clicking on it. We can also hide and protect the sheet.

Use shortcut key Alt+Shift+F1 to create a new sheet.

Name box :- It display the name of the currently selected cell. For example H6, A5, B3, etc. In H6, H is the column name an 6 is the row number.

Other Important MS Excel Information

1 Excel file = 1 Workbook = 255 sheets

Total Number of rows = 65536

Total Number of columns = 256

Total Number of cells = Rows * Columns 
65536 * 256 = 16777216 Total Cells.

Rows are numeric and columns are alphabetical.

Above image shows that we are working in excel using cell address. They are made up of the combination of rows and columns. For creating cell address, first column name and then row name is written. 

A2, H5, B2, C4, D5, these are cell addresses. A is Column and 2 is Row. All type of calculations are performed using cell address. Cell address can be viewed in Name box.

If you have found any mistake or have any doubt related to above introduction to MS excel tutorial then comment below.


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