How to Lock a Folder?

In this tutorial we will discuss on How to lock a folder without any software. Before starting this tutorial we must have the knowledge of how to create a folder and why folder privacy is important for us.  Today I tell you two simple methods to protect your folder. I hope that will you really enjoy this. Let’s start

First Method

1) Create a folder which you want to put your password.
2) Open your notepad and paste the code in your notepad. (Download Code)

3) when you open your code in notepad put your password name and put password, see below image.

4) when you put your folder name and password go to file and click on save as and put your file and name and put his extension (your folder name.bat) and save as file column put (All Files). See below image.

5) Remember save your file in which place where you want to hide your personal data. Then close your notepad. And go your folder where you save your data, you see your bat file. Double click on it and you see a folder, put your data in your folder. See below image

6) When you put your data in folder, double click your bat folder and you see a window screen in front of you type here “y” and enter, you see your private folder is hidden, then go back on folder  and click on it and hide this folder no one see your personal folder and if anyone see your folder then he have to put password a password to open your private or personal folder.

Second Method

In First Method, you learn how to put a password on a personal folder if you hate the code method just follow second method it is very simple for you. before start this method you must have the WinRAR software install in your personal computer . Download WinRAR software here.
1) Select your folder in which you want to put password.
2) Then right click on this folder and to click on add to archive.
3) Archive name and parameters window screen in front on your screen, here you a set password option click on it and put your password, see below image.

4) You see a new WinRAR file automatically displayed on your screen, click on WinRAR file and again click on your folder. You see your file name but when you click on it you have to put password, then you accesses your file. See image

In this tutorial you have learned about how to lock a folder . if you found any mistake or missing in this tutorial then let me know through your comment. And if you like this tutorial doesn’t forget to share this tutorial.


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